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What's going on world and welcome to my online store! My name is Marquis Williams I am the founder and creator of Epik Clothing.  I am also a rapper and I go by the name of Milli Ka$h. I’m a graduate of Social Circle High School, which is located in Social Circle, Georgia. I've been designing clothes for almost 10 years now. I've somehow always had a passion for fashion.


During my high school years I was an all-state athlete in 2 sports... football and track. I end up graduating and accepting afull ride scholarship for football to Lambuth University in Jackson, Tennessee. While attending LU I learned how to really get into business and designing. I became a college graduate and decide to seek attention in the fashion world. My first clothing line was design in 2014 and it was named FLYSTATUS. It’s was the beginning of a successful line but like life, things elevate and move on. In 2019 I decided to relaunch a my brand to seek larger audiences and appeal to all people of color, age and gender. I now bring to you EPIK CLOTHING! EPIK CLOTHING is a brand that express to every individual who is incredibly, unbelievably, unforgettable, that words or fashion cannot explain. 


I appreciate your support for me and look forward to many pictures, reviews and much more!  Thank you for taking the time out to visit my website, shopping, and supporting me.  Also, please take some time out to check out my music and music videos on my "MILLI KA$H STUDIO" tab.

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